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Chimney Fireplace Parts

Updated: May 8, 2021

Chimney Fireplace Parts

Chimney fireplace parts are important components of your house, especially during the cold season.

What do you know about your chimney and how it works?

Most homeowners can't name all the parts of their chimney or explain why each component is essential.

Read on to learn why parts of a fireplace and chimney are vital to your home's safety.

Chimney Stack with Cowl
Chimney Stack with Cowl

Why It's so Important to know about Chimney Fireplace Parts?

The main reason to know about the parts of the chimney, stack and fireplace is safety. Two things that can cause damage to your home and your health - fire and smoke.

You can protect yourself and property if various parts of the chimney are properly cared for. Knowing if a problem starts to arise will allow you to address the issue early, saving time and money, therefore protecting your home.

Chimney is more than Bricks - 10 parts of a Chimney

1 - The Bricks

The foundation of your chimney are the bricks. They are the structural integrity of your chimney and if they are in poor condition your safety is potentially at risk. Your fireplace may not burn correctly.

Also moisture can enter the house leading to damage, mold and mildew if your bricks are damaged.

2 - Chimney Flue

The flue is a vertical contained passage that that allows combustion gases and materials to exit your home via the roof. A chimney flue is not the same as a chimney liner.

3 - Chimney Liner

All chimney flues are lined to contain the smoke within the chimney flue and preventing gases and combustion material from entering your house.

Original chimney liners that have been degraded overtime can be updated with a stainless steel liner (rigid or flexible).

4 - Chimney Flashing

The reason for the chimney flashing is to protect the chimney, roof and house below from water penetration and leaks.

A number of different products can be used as flashing - lead, copper, vinyl or steel.

5 - Chimney Crown

Chimney Crown or Chimney Wash is the concrete slab or mix that covers the top of the chimney stack stopping water from entering the chimney flue.

Chimney Pot with Cowl
Chimney Pot with Cowl

6 - Chimney Pot

A chimney pot is an extension of the topmost part of the chimney and seats on the chimney crown. Its purpose is to elongate and reduce the size of the chimney flue. This increases the rate that smoke and gases pass through the pot producing an increase "draw" or draft for combustion.

7 - Chimney Cowl/Cap

A chimney cowl or cap is secured to the chimney pot and prevents elements from the outside entering your chimney including:

  • Rain

  • Sleet

  • Hail

  • Snow

  • Downdrafts

  • Debris branches. leaves

  • Animals - birds, bird's nesting

8 - Fireplace Damper or Throat Damper

This is located in the throat of the chimney flue above the fireplace.

The damper reduces the air flow through fireplace when the fireplace is not in use. It reduces the draft of warm air flowing from the room and exiting through the chimney flue.

9 - Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is the area between the damper and the chimney flue. It compresses the smoke and combustion by-products, so they flow into the chimney rather than into the room.

10 - Fireplace Parts

The parts of a fireplace include:

Open Fireplace
Open Fireplace
  • Hearth - the floor within the fireplace

  • Firebox - where the fire burns

  • Fireplace insert - fireproof sleeve that fits into the existing fireplace

  • Fire-grate - this holds the fuel in the fire box

  • Ash plan - to catch the ash at the base of the fire

  • Soot door - a door in the chimney where debris can be removed if access to clean the chimney is not accessible from the fireplace.

  • Mantel - Decorative frame around the fireplace

Have Questions about Your Chimney? Ask us

If you have concerns or questions about the parts of your chimney that you may think are not functions properly, please get in touch and we can evaluate the safety and performance of your brick fireplace and chimney stack.

Call 0191 691 8989

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