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Multi Fuel Stoves

Coal Must Be Burnt on a Grate

A multifuel stove will allow the burning of coal in the stove Multifuel stoves are designed to burn wood, coal, peat and other fuels, (but not plywood or MDF) The grate in a stove is made up of bars of metal (nearly always cast iron) with gaps in between. The bars can be fixed as one rigid unit or individual and sit in a frame inside the stove.



The gaps between the bars allow air from below to pass through the coal. This also prevents the bars getting too hot and causing damage. Ensure that the grate remains unblocked and that the ash in the ashpan does not come too close to the bottom of the grate as it will restrict the flow of air to the stove and the grate may become too hot and become damaged.


Most multifuel stoves have a riddling mechanism. This is a method which allows the movement of the grate in the stove from the outside, enabling the shaking of any ash that is blocking the grate.



The ash is then moved down, through the gaps in the grate, and into the ashpan. Riddling works either by moving the alternate grate bars up and down, by rotating a circular portion of the grate, or by directly shaking the whole grate. Some stoves may have a fixed (non riddling) grate. Use a poker, pushed into the body of the fire, to clear the grate of ash.


It is not recommend that you burn wood and coal at the same time. Burning coal produces sulphuric acid and wood can contain a lot of moisture. Burning wood and coal at the same time can coat your chimney in sulphuric acid solution which can quickly eat at brickwork and flu linings.



The conditions for burning wood efficiently are not the same as those for burning coal efficiently, on its own. Coal Burns Best with a Bottom Vent Air Supply. When burning coal shut down the top air vent of your stove and use the bottom air vent to regulate the fire. If the fire dies down too much, there could be a problem with the draw on your chimney. Contact Vaughan Chimney Sweeps for advice and assistance.

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