CCTV Chimney Inspection

Highly advanced CCTV equipment diagnoses the problem quickly and effectively without any disruption to you or your building.

Vaughan Chimney Sweeps use the most advanced and accurate camera system to diagnose your chimney problems quickly and efficiently and to resolve them with the best and most appropriate solution.

In order to locate issues, a CCTV camera is passed up and down the flue to give a highly accurate picture of the problems.

This enables:-

  • A view of blocked flues or restricted flues caused by bird nests, fallen debris, restricted bends or other objects breaching the flue.

  • To identify the flues dimensions and confirm the most appropriate lining method

  • To establish the cause of a major smoke leakage

  • To check for damage which may have occurred following chimney fires, subsidence or wear and tear over time.